Are you paying too much for your
Land Rover servicing?

Dear Existing/Potential Customers,
Due to the increasing demand for reputable skilled professionals to maintain Land Rovers, and the imminent unavailability of any Land Rover specialist in the Hertfordshire area, my colleague and I have formed a new, local company to cater for Land Rover 4×4 vehicles.
Between us we have accumulated over 60 years experience, as fully qualified Land Rover technicians, working at a reputable Land Rover outlet in Cockfosters. We believe that we are able to offer a professional service that will be second to none in both reliability and customer satisfaction. We guarantee the highest standards of customer care at all times and all at the most competitive prices.

We look forward to seeing you in the future and hopefully in the long term.

This was our original mission statement sent out to potential customers in March 2000 in the Barnet/Cockfosters area, we can honestly say in nearly 10 years we still stick to the same high standards that our customers have expected from us.

Discovery Servicing

Defender Servicing

Range rover servicing

Freelander servicing

Block exemption?

Block Exemption came about in Oct 2003, all car manufacturers including Land Rover can no longer demand that your vehicle has to be serviced and maintained by a main dealer to uphold the manufacturers warranty. We can carry out Land Rover servicing without affecting your warranty.

We know how important keeping your vehicle on the road is to you, so our fully trained Land Rover technicians can ensure you are looked after in a friendly and professional manner. Your warranty is fully protected and service book stamped at a 40% saving on main dealer prices.

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